More Fun Than you Can Shake a Muddy Stick At

Lisa O
Lisa O 5 Star Trip Advisor Review
“More fun than you can shake a muddy stick at” My partner and I spend a fantastic couple of hours last Saturday at the off road driving centre in Palmerstown Estate. To say that it was tremendous fun would be an understatement.

After a short briefing we found ourselves in a land rover with one of the instructors and were soon traversing terrain that would break the axles of many a lesser vehicle. Neither of us had done anything like this before and did not know what we were letting ourselves in for but Billy our instructor put us at ease immediately.

During the session you get an opportunity to both drive and be passenger in the truck and, being honest, I’ve never had more fun being a passenger in my life. Driving was also amazing but you must concentrate quite hard and sot it I think it is only when you are a passenger that you get a chance to fully comprehend what is going on around you and how amazing it is to be in a vehicle going across such varied terrain.

It was quite a dry day that we did the course and so I would imagine that some obstacles were easier than usual, having said that I cannot wait to go back and do it again, hopefully on a wet day, so that we can have a chance to get the full off road experience.

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